Ryan Dillon

Hi, my name is Ryan Dillon.

I still remember catching my first glimpse of the tawny peaks when my parents took me to Grand Teton National Park when I was 7 years old. I consider this the defining moment when I fell in love with the great outdoors.

My life soon became of game of seeing how soon I could plan my next big nature trip! Once I started planning my own “big trips” as an adult, I quickly discovered that it’s hard to get information on how to properly prepare for hiking voyages and camping trips in the wilds of North America.

While the Internet is full of “vacation sites” that show you how to book a cheap deal at a sunny resort or cozy lodge, it’s hard to find information on how to explore things like National Parks and wilderness areas beyond just using a map to get to the gates.

Most travel blogs and booking websites leave out the important details about what type of gear to use, how to create camping meals that are actually enjoyable and how to bring everything you need without feeling like the whole world is on your back during a multi-day trek. This fueled me to share the knowledge I’ve gained on my dozens of trips to help people plan their own amazing adventures!

In addition to sharing my own first-hand knowledge, I provide well-researched information on topics related to nature, travel, hiking, camping and outdoor gear because I firmly believe that nature is best experienced when we are safe and prepared. Come along with me on a journey of satisfying your appetite for adventure!