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The Best 14 Person Tent for Camping in 2023 [Buyer’s Guide]

You see camping as a wild party, unforgettable expedition and bonding experience all rolled into one. That’s why you need a camping tent for a crowd.

While fitting that many sleepers comfortably is a taller order, plenty of camping brands have created jumbo tents that are up to the task.

Size is just the beginning. Factors like comfort, height, ventilation and entertainment potential can separate the zippered chalets from the uninspired nylon huts.

That’s why it’s important to do a quick study on what makes such a tent majorly amazing before jumping into reviews of the best 14 person tents for camping.

Let’s get started!

In this article, we’re going to review the following 14 person camping tents:

Unpacking Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About 14 Person Tents for Camping

A tent with room for more than a dozen opens up big horizons. The obvious reason for a big tent is that you’re camping with a big family or a group of friends.

Huddling everyone in one tent instead of multiple tents can create safety in numbers during storms. In fact, larger tents tend to be more durable in inclement weather. There’s also the bonding element to packing in instead of spreading out.

Jumbo camping tents are also great even if you won’t reach full occupancy every night. That extra room can be used for gear storage, designated changing areas or even kitchen space.

The fact that wider tents are usually taller than narrower tents means that people can comfortably stand up.

That doesn’t mean that a big tent is all perks with no hassles. Larger tents are heavier and bulkier. While they’re great for camping, they’re not exactly suitable for backpacking. In addition to taking up more trunk space during voyages, large camping tents require a dedicated storage room at home.

It’s also more than likely you’ll need a helping hand when putting down stakes with a stacked tent.
However, that can be counteracted by the fact that you’ll only need one tent instead of several.

What Makes a Big Tent Good?

Your first choice is your tent’s style. This comes down how, where and why you’ll be camping. Here’s a rundown of the styles to have on your radar.

Dome Tents: Great for camping in stormy conditions. The dome shape provides wind-shedding protection with rugged strength. Domes also provide generous standing space in the tent’s center. However, the sloping sides can make it seem like the walls are tight. In addition to being strong and stable, dome tents tend to be the most affordable option for large tents.

Cabin Tents: Perfect for luxury camping, cabin tents come with separate internal rooms. They are generally very strong and stable. Many have vestibules or awnings that are great for pulling off wet, soiled gear before entering the dry tent. The downside is that cabin tents aren’t as resilient to strong wind.

Backpacking Tents: While these portable homes are designed to hitch to your back for use as instant shelters, they often lack the fancy features of camping tents. They also tend to be only for up to 4 people of capacity.

Starting with tent style will leave you in good shape to drill down even more on the specifics. Keep in mind that being married to one option can limit you in terms of features and variables. However, quality tents in all styles should cover many of the same basics like safety, shelter and survival.


Conventional wisdom says bigger is better when picking out a tent that can fit a crowd. However, you have to think about the spots that your particular trek will take you to with your tent.

A larger tent requires a large enough area that’s smooth and flat. Always consider your terrain before committing to something massive.


A good range for a 14 person tent is between 78 inches (6.5 feet) and 92 inches (7 feet). Consider how much time you think people will spend standing in the tent.

It can be easier to socialize in a tent with standing room if that’s your goal for buying a tent that can fit 14 guests. Honestly, you’ll thank yourself if you get a tent that you can stand up in if you’re on the taller side.


People don’t always pay attention to comfort when picking out tents. The first comfort factor is simply your preferred method of sleeping. If you use an air mattress, having broad space for accommodating at least five queen mattresses in total is important for fitting 14 people.

Creature comforts are also important. Make sure a tent has a good electricity port if you need a space heater at night. Ports are also important for charging devices and powering appliances.

Ventilation is another big comfort factor. Don’t underestimate the benefit of letting a breeze flow through a tent that’s potentially holding up to 14 people at once.


Tents with huge walls of fabric can become hothouses very easily. Windows are important for letting air flow through the entire tent. They are also great for giving you glimpses of your surroundings. Some tents have mesh roofs that also allow you to stargaze.

Easy Setup

Don’t get caught up with a tent that takes two people more than 30 minutes to get everything going. As seasoned campers know, nothing is worse than arguing over who has to put up the tent “this time” on longer trips that bring you from site to site. Remember that some clunky tents actually need four people for assembly.


Most larger tents are made of polyester. The flooring is usually made of a tarp material that helps to keep the interior fresh and easy to clean.

The poles are typically made from steel. However, a good number of tents use fiberglass for some portions of the frame. You should look for tents that use at least some mesh in the design to allow for proper ventilation.


This is another category where your camping habits dictate your needs. If you tend to stay at mainstream campgrounds that offer a quick shot from the parking lot to your site, tent weight becomes less important.

However, you need to think of how your tent’s weight feels on your back if you’ll be lugging it along to sites off the beaten path. All of the 14 person camping tents included in the review below weigh between 34 and 53 pounds.


Most larger tents that can fit 14 people aren’t expedition tents. Most are three-season tents that are technically fair weather tents. While you’ll see most tents on the market labeled as three-season tents, the reality is that they should really only be used in the summer. The fall and spring categories only account for very calm, summer-like conditions.

It’s just too difficult to add the insulation and weatherproofing needed for extreme camping to tents of this size. In fact, it’s rare to find a 14 person camping tent that is even graded as waterproof. You should still look for a tent that has a rainfly at the very least.

Length of Your Trip

This category goes both ways. You might want a tent with all the bells and whistles for comfort and privacy if you’ll be parked at a spot for an extended stay. This is the best way to get the private suite experience while spending time with a group. If you are taking a long trip that involves many different stops, the focus then pivots to tents that are lightweight, easy to assemble and easy to keep clean.

FAQs About 14 Person Camping Tents

Are 14 Person Camping Tents Allowed at All Campsites?

Some campgrounds do have restrictions for tent dimensions. In fact, many sites in places like Yellowstone limit tent dimensions to 12 feet by 12 feet. Always inquire about size restrictions when booking sites. You may be directed to a designated area for larger tents.

How Long Does It Take to Assemble a 14 Person Tent?

This varies by brand and model. Expect the process to take at least 20 minutes for a tent of this size. But it depends on the model and experience.

What Is the Best Brand for 14 Person Tents?

Ozark Trail and Fortunershop are two brands known for offering high-quality jumbo tents.

Can You Buy a 14 Person Waterproof Tent?

Tents of this size generally aren’t waterproof. Most extra-large tents are only considered three-season tents. That doesn’t mean you’ll be soaked every time it trickles outside. You will find that nearly ever tent in this size range does offer a rainfly to shield your living space from leaks.

Reviews of the Best 14 Person Tents

1. Ozark Trail Base Camp 14-Person Cabin Tent (Blue)

Ozark Trail Base Camp 14-Person Cabin Tent

Center Height: 78 inches
Weight: 50 pounds
Type: Freestanding three-season family cabin tent

Who wants privacy? With three sewn-in room dividers, you can choose between one and four rooms. Simply tie back the dividers if you prefer a great room.

The tent’s four doors provide private entries for every room if you do decide to make suites. The dimensions work out to the main room that’s 12 feet x 12 feet with secondary rooms spanning 60 x 80 (inches) when the dividers are up.

The 12 windows in this design ensure that nobody will get cabin fever in this cabin-style tent. The windows really help with ventilation.

The center height of 78 inches is generous even though this isn’t even close to the tallest tent in this class. While you’ll get 14 sleeping bags in here, the limit on queen air mattresses is about five.

The overarching theme of reviews on this tent is that people can’t believe how something so grand and spacious is so easy to set up and take down. The process is about 20 minutes both ways once you get some practice.


  • Massive proportions!
  • The tent folds easily into a carry bag.
  • Roof is protected by a fly that doesn’t obscure window views.
  • Lots of air flow.
  • Each suite has two windows and a door.
  • Customizable interior configuration.
  • Taped fly seams prevent leaking.
  • E-port for an extension cord.
  • Lantern hook.


  • It’s ideal to have at least four people setting up this tent.
  • Not for extreme temperatures.
  • Spring, summer, and fall camping only.
  • No waterproof rating.
  • It’s not the tallest option out there.

2. Fortunershop Family Cabin Tent 14 Person Base Camp 4 Rooms Hiking Camping Shelter Outdoor

Fortunershop Family Cabin Tent 14 Person

Center Height: 78 inches
Weight: 53.75 pounds
Type: Three-season freestanding camping tent

Configure this tent for between one room and four rooms using three sewn-in room dividers. You can choose between a grand room and separate suites with their own private entry doors.

The 12 windows in this tent are great when camping in beautiful areas with views. They also help to keep air flowing through the large body of the tent. The 78-inch height is very respectable even though this is far from the tallest tent to consider in this category.

Five queen air mattresses fit into this tent easily. However, a larger party can fit if you’re doing sleeping bags.

This tent is easy to put together in 20 minutes with a little experience. Having four people instead of the recommended two-person assembly party makes the task much easier.


  • Very spacious.
  • Can be configured based on your privacy needs.
  • Taped fly seams prevent leakage.
  • E-port makes it easy to access your extension cord.
  • Zipper closure seems very secure.


  • Not rated as waterproof.
  • You’ll easily get soaked in rainy conditions without using tarps.
  • While reviewers generally love the design, a few have complained about rips and tearing in stronger weather.
  • Not the tallest tent.

3. Ozark Trail 14 Person Spring Lodge Cabin Camping Tent

Ozark Trail 14 Person Spring Lodge Cabin Camping Tent

Center Height: 84 inches
Weight: 44.95 pounds
Type: Free-stranding spring cabin tent

This polyester tent adds some height while being a more compact tent overall. The highlight of the tent is its screened-in porch that’s perfect for enjoying breezes and views. This area can even be made into a private sleeping suite.

The tent’s steel frame combined with a seam-taped rainfly will keep you feeling secure in slightly turbulent weather. It’s nice that the rainfly has a roll-back design because you can let air in to cool things down in the evening. This tent can be up in 30 minutes with two sets of hands.

Unlike the other tents on this list offering the option to divide your tent into multiple suites, this tent can only be divided into a maximum of two separate rooms.

It does offer two large storage closets for keeping your gear away from your bed. There’s also a nice mud mat to keep you from trekking dirt into your sleeping space.


  • Nice screened-in porch.
  • There’s potential to turn the porch into an additional bedroom.
  • Good storage.
  • The frame feels very sturdy.
  • Very good height
  • The seam-taped rainfly is great at keeping moisture out of the tent.
  • Has its own carrying case.


  • This tent doesn’t offer an interesting configuration that allows you to customize your layout.
  • No special port for your electricity.
  • Some reviewers have had their closets flood after rain got in.

4. Ozark Trail Hazel Creek 14 Person Family Camping Cabin Tent

Ozark Trail Hazel Creek 14 Person Family Camping Cabin Tent

Center Height: 92 inches
Weight: 39.6 pounds
Type: Three-season family cabin camping tent

At 92 inches in height, this poly-taffeta tent has a legitimate “cathedral” ceiling! The mesh roof is a nice touch for some relaxing stargazing.

In addition, this seven-window tent offers views galore from the comfort of your sleeping bag or air mattress. The taped seams on the rainfly offer decent weather protection.

The tent’s fiberglass-and-steel frame is adequately durable. It’s slightly disappointing that a tent this size only has two doors. You’re also limited to using this as nothing greater than a two-room tent once you put the divider in.

This attractive tent is more than pampers campers with creature comforts. It offers two e-ports, a media pocket, and tons of built-in organizer pockets. There’s also a movie screen that’s 48 x 27 inches for a little in-house entertainment under the moonlight.

This tent is a top pick if you’re looking for an easy up option. Two people can get it ready to go in just 15 minutes!

The one area where it gets overshadowed by its competitors is mattress capacity. You won’t get more than four queen mattresses to comfortably fit in this tent.


  • The 92-inch ceiling is really the best around.
  • Stores inside an expandable zippered duffle.
  • A top pick for a family that prioritizes entertainment while traveling. The power ports make it so easy to get electricity for creature comforts.
  • The storage pockets are great for keeping a busy family organized.
  • Lots of reviewers say this tent does great in wind.


  • The very open design of this tent makes it a bad fit for camping in wet, buggy areas.
  • Not the best for chilly conditions. There’s actually a gap between the tent and rainfly that allows some of your warm air to seep out.
  • Some people have complained about leaking.

5. Ozark Trail 14-Person Cabin Tent, 2 Rooms (Red)

Ozark Trail 14-Person Cabin Tent, 2 Rooms

Center Height: 84 inches
Weight: 34 pounds
Type: Cabin tent

The 84-inch height definitely makes this tent feel like a clubhouse. Overall, it’s a very handsome design. This tent offers a single divider that allows you to max out at a two-person tent. You’ll probably max out at about four queen mattresses with this tent.

This tent has two doors. However, its six windows create nice views and ventilation in relation to the tent’s configuration. Its body is made of durable steel legs topped with a lightweight fiberglass roof.


  • The built-in storage pockets are super!
  • This is a lightweight tent for the amount of space you’re getting.
  • Many people are able to get this tent up in five minutes.


  • Many people claim that this tent is very durable in wind. But, it’s not suitable for rainy and wet weather because it’s not a waterproof tent.
  • The instructions for setting up are a little confusing. However, assembly is a breeze once you do it one time.
  • The floor on this tent is made from the same material as the body instead of a special tarp material like most tents.
  • This can be a little frustrating as far as messes.

Crowning the Winner of the Campsite: The Best 14 Person Camping Tent

All these tents offer the space and comfort needed during light to moderate camping adventures. The one that provides the best retreat in our opinion is the Ozark Trail Base Camp 14-Person Cabin Tent (Blue).

This tent takes the top slot based on its amazingly versatile configuration. You might not mind having a one-room or two-room tent when camping with the family. But, there could be times when you wish for more privacy.

This tent shines. Because it provides the option to set up anything from a studio style tent to a four room tent. The only category where this tent loses any points is height. At 78 inches, it’s not a short tent.

However, it just doesn’t offer the same freedom to stay upright comfortably as the 92-inch Ozark Trail Hazel Creek 14 Person Family Camping Cabin Tent.

It still knocks the rest of the tents out of the water providing a more accommodating experience. In addition to being the top overall pick, the Ozark Trail Base Camp 14-Person Cabin Tent (Blue) is the top pick for privacy lovers.

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