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What’s the Best 8 Person Tent for Camping in 2023?

In this article, you will find some of the best 8-person tents that I found after thoroughly researching various brands and layouts.

Plus, I’ve included a few helpful tips on what you should consider when choosing the best tent for your camping environment and situation.

Let’s get started in finding the right 8-person tent of your dreams.

In this article, we’re going to review the following 8 person camping tents:

8-Person Tents Buyer’s Guide

Whether this is your first 8-person tent or your tenth, it is always good to know what features to look for and what new technologies might be used in newer models.

Over the years, my expectations of tents have changed drastically because of different reasons. Here is some helpful information that will help you with making the right decision for you.

Back To Basics – Key Factors To Consider

With tents, there are four key factors that you need to consider when looking at purchasing your next model:

  • Weight
  • Height
  • Material
  • Setup

Each of these factors can vary in importance from group to group. But they all have some important standards that you should consider. Here is a little information on what you should know regarding these factors and 8-person tents.


Due to the common size of 8-person tents, the weight of these models is usually not ideal for backpacking trips. They are best for car camping or when you are going to a campsite that doesn’t require you to hike long distances.

There are a few models that weigh in the 20-pound range. However, these sized tents reach closer to 100-pounds. Especially if they are made from thicker material designed for harsher weather conditions.

Therefore, you need to ensure that the weight of the tent you choose will be able to manage to carry it to your desired campsite.


This might not seem like an important thing to consider, but for taller people, this is a top consideration. Being over 6 feet, I find it hard to maneuver in a tent with lower height easily, and many people feel the same.

You should always consider the interior height of the tent to ensure that everyone at your camping party will be comfortable when moving around inside the tent. It can be difficult to find tents that have a large interior height throughout the tent. This depends on the design.

If you are camping with all people, you will want to look for cabin-style tent models because they will give you the best interior height options.


Unlike smaller tents, 8-person models are usually made from thicker material, which makes them suitable for camping in different types of weather conditions. Usually, the material also has some sort of weatherproofing measures taken to ensure this.

Make sure that you pay attention to the type of material to ensure that the tent you are purchasing is made from quality material. After all, a tent is a home away from home when you are out in the wilderness. You need to be safe and keep your party safe at all costs from nature’s elements.


8-person tents are larger than most camping tents, and therefore, they can be harder to set up than a smaller-sized model. You should look for a model that won’t take a long time to set up, or that is at least is easy to do.

It is important to note that every tent is different. Whenever you get your new model, you should always take it outside and practice setting it up before you head out on your camping trip.

Sometimes, provided instructions can be difficult to follow. And it is important to know how to set it up before being out at your site.

Features to consider when buying an 8 person tent for camping

Just like in any industry, tent manufacturers are always coming up with new and inventive features and measures that make their tents better than their last. Here are just a few features and other considerations that you should take note of when doing your research.

Multiple Rooms

When camping, it can be difficult to get any privacy because a lot of tents are open on the inside. However, there are just some things that you want to keep private. If you think this will be an issue, you should look for a tent that has some sort of option for multiple rooms.

Many 8-person tents do come with interior dividers that will give you this option. Sometimes you can remove these dividers. And sometimes they are always there. These are things that you should pay attention to because they will make a difference in the type of socializing you will be able to accomplish on your camping trip.

Sometimes tents will also have features like awnings and vestibules that are outside of the actual tent. These can be excellent places to sit outside of the tent and enjoy the day or night. And they can also be an alternate place to help keep your gear and equipment dry and safe without taking up the interior space of the tent.


When camping, nothing is worse than waking up to the inside of your tent and all of your belongings soaked because your tent leaked in the middle of the night.

Is this tent designed for ventilation or insulation?

Is this design fully waterproof?

Will this tent stand up to a storm’s wind?

These are three important questions that you should ask yourself whenever you are looking at an 8-person tent design. There is a huge distinction between water-resistant, weatherproof, and waterproof.

You will want to look at what type of season classification a tent has. This will help to tell what sort of weatherproofing technology it might have. Here is a brief description of what different season classifications mean:

  • 1 & 2 Season – These are generally used for backyard camping and are usually not advertised.
  • 3 Season – These types of tents have great ventilation, which is best in warmer seasons.
  • 4 Season – A 4 season tent is best with insulating, making them best for cold weather camping.
  • 5 Season – These tents are expedition tents or professional grade. They are more expensive but have more features and are made from higher-quality material.


There are many accessories a tent model can come with. And each one makes different things easier on the entire camping party. Most of these accessories can be replaced or purchased separately.

But if you know that you want them, it will always be cheaper to purchase a tent that already comes with them. Below are a few accessories that you might want to look for.

Carrying Bag

This might not seem that important, but it can be. One of the worst experiences is showing up at your campsite and realizing that your tent didn’t come with one once it’s time for you to start packing up.

If your tent doesn’t come with one, you can substitute it with a duffle bag or backpack depending on the size of the tent and the parts that come with it. A carrying case just makes it easier to get to and from your campsite.


Not all 8-person tents come with a footprint, but it is something to look for when purchasing a new model.

What is a footprint?

A footprint is a piece that goes on the ground that the tent is set up on.

It is designed to help prolong the life of the tent’s flooring by keeping it from getting punctured by random debris on the ground. If your tent doesn’t come with one, you need to make sure that the footprint you purchase is compatible with your tent model.

After all, some are only compatible with the footprints of a certain model or manufacturer. It will help to reduce the hassle of purchasing the wrong one and having to return it later.


Rainflies are extremely important for camping, especially if you are using a 3-season tent. These tents tend to have great ventilation, which means that they have parts that are made of mesh, which is not ideal for rainy weather.

The rainfly covers the top of the tent and any sort of mesh that it has to make the model waterproof. Some rainflies are attached to the tent, but most of them can be completely removed or added as you wish.

Generally, the rainfly should be unattached to the tent because it will provide you with more options. Plus, it makes it easier to replace if it is ever damaged in any way.

FAQ About 8-Person Tents

Although I’ve answered a lot of questions you might have in the above information, here are some commonly asked questions that I feel warrant a direct answer.

Is an 8-person tent actually suitable for 8 full-grown adults?

The simple answer to this question is yes. When determining the size of a tent, manufacturers lay sleeping bags side by side to see how many it can fit.

However, they do not take into account your gear and equipment that also might need to be kept inside of the tent. You should consider this to see if you might need a larger tent.

Is a footprint required?

A tent footprint helps to protect the floor of the tent from debris on the ground. But it is not an accessory that is required.

However, if you plan on camping in an area that might have bushes on the ground, you should consider purchasing a tent that comes with a footprint. Or at least has one that you can purchase separately to go with it.

Do all 8-person tents have multiple rooms?

Not all of these sized models will provide you with two rooms on the inside of them. If this is something that you want, you will need to ensure that the model you are looking at has this capability.

Some models have removable dividers that give you this option. And some tents are just built with the rooms included. Make sure that you research models carefully for these options because they are not always stated.

5 Best 8 Person Tent for Camping Reviews

The following are five tents that I have reviewed that match the information above. Each one has its pros and cons, but they are all quality models and deserve some consideration.

1. Eureka Copper Canyon LX 8-Person Tent

Eureka Copper Canyon LX 8 Person Tent

Eureka is one of the top manufacturers of tents and other types of camping equipment. And the Copper Canyon LX is one of their most popular 8-person tents.

It comes in a 3-pole cabin style that will provide you with an ample amount of living space. The walls are nearly vertical, which is excellent for taller people because it gives you a taller interior height.

It is a freestanding tent, which means that it was made to be quick and easy to set up. And it can easily be set up by a single person, which leaves everyone else plenty of time to set up the rest of the campsite.

It does include an extended rainfly, which will provide you with weather protection over the door.


  • Weight: 34 pounds
  • Dimensions: 156 x 120 x 84 inches
  • Seasons:3 Season
  • Best Use: Camping
  • Design Type: Freestanding
  • Sleeping Capacity: 8+ people

It has a divider curtain that helps provide you with privacy inside the tent. And if you are in a place where you can plug up an extension cord, it does have a zippered e-port.

Finally, it has gear lofts inside of the tent that helps to provide you with plenty of interior storage for better organization. However, it is important to note that this tent weighs approximately 34 pounds.

Therefore you will need to calculate this into your carry weight if you are hiking to your spot.


  • Has large windows to see surrounding area
  • Has sturdy poles
  • Comes with storage nets
  • Can fit a queen air mattress or 2 double air mattresses


  • Can be difficult to move due to weight

2. Coleman Camping 8 Person Montana Cabin Tent

Coleman 8 Person Montana Tent for Camping blue

Coleman Camping is known for its exquisite tent models. And the Montana cabin tent is one of their top 8-person tents. It has a lot of excellent features that put it in the top models, on the market.

For instance, it has an e-port that makes it convenient for bringing electricity into your tent. It also has a hinged door that provides you with an easy way in and out of the tent.

The windows in this model are angled. It helps to provide you with rain protection even when they are open, which helps to keep air circulation inside the tent at all times.

This is excellent for summer showers where humidity builds and makes the inside of tents hotter.

There is also a door awning which helps to provide you with even more weather protection even if you have to go out of the tent in the rain.


  • Weight: 22.3 pounds
  • Dimensions: 27 x 8.5 x 8.5 inches
  • Season: 3 season
  • Best Use: Family Camping
  • Design Type: Dome
  • Sleeping Capacity: 8 people

This model does come with most accessories that make camping easy, which includes a rainfly and stakes. However, the stakes that are included are not made from the sturdiest material, which means you may need to look into replacements before heading out to your campsite.

Finally, this tent was designed to be easy to set up. It usually takes about 15 minutes when a single person is setting it up.


  • Has internal storage pockets
  • Can be pitched in as little as 15 minutes
  • Has hinged door
  • Designed to be weatherproof
  • Has angled windows and door awnings


  • Minor issues with included stakes

3. NEMO Wagontop 8 Tent

NEMO Wagontop 8 Tent

The Wagontop 8-person tent manufactured by NEMO has a unique wagon shape, hence the name.

The rain fly is designed to provide you extra weather protection by sliding the water out and away from the tent’s base. It is a single-wall construction model, and it only has 4 poles, which helps to make setting it up easy.

It has durable floors and side windows to provide a lot of ventilation. It has a unique frame that provides you with a taller interior height throughout the tent, which is excellent for taller people.

The floor is made from an upgraded and durable 300-denier floor fabric that is less likely to rip or tear. It has massive screened panoramic windows that you can open and close from the inside of the tent.

It also has a copious vestibule space that will allow you to store and shield your gear from the elements.

You get NEMO’s lifetime warranty, which should provide some peace of mind on the purchase.


  • Weight: 27 pounds
  • Dimensions: 180 x 100 x 80 inches
  • Season: 3 season
  • Best Use: Camping
  • Design Type: Freestanding
  • Sleeping Capacity: 8+ people

Finally, this model does have several storage pockets on the interior of the tent, which will allow you to keep things organized and off of the floor providing you more space.

However, there have been a few complaints about the quality of the storage pockets when it comes to weight pulling on them.


  • Has a single-wall construction
  • Made with upgraded durable 300-denier floor fabric
  • Covered by NEMO lifetime warranty
  • Has massive screened panoramic windows
  • Has vestibule space for gear


  • Could use better internal pockets for storage

4. Wenzel Klondike 8 Person Water Resistant Tent

Wenzel Klondike 8 Person Water Resistant Tent with Convertible Screen Room for Family Camping

This tent model was designed to last and provide campers with a comfortable area. It utilizes two large mesh windows.

The roof is made entirely of mesh, which helps to keep bugs out while still providing plenty of ventilation from breezes. It also has openings near the floor that help with hi-low air circulation, as well.

It has a spacious interior, and its peak height is 6.5 feet, which is tall compared to most other tent models. It is separated into two rooms, which will allow you to sit in the entry room and enjoy the fresh air or zip up the second room for privacy, as needed.

The inside does have small accessory pockets that can keep your phones, keys, and other small items safe while out and about the campsite.


  • Weight: 27.3 pounds
  • Dimensions: 192 x 132 x 78 inches
  • Season: 3 season
  • Best Use: Picnic and camping
  • Design Type: 2 room
  • Sleeping Capacity: 8 people

It is capable of fitting two Queen airbeds comfortably inside of the tent. It is important to note that when you have the rainfly on the tent, it holds heat inside of the tent, which can make it hot and uncomfortable during the hottest points of the day.


  • Designed to be water resistant
  • Has a spacious interior
  • Comes with a screened in second room
  • Has accessory pockets
  • Provides both high and low ventilation


  • Minor issues with rainfly holding in heat during the day

5. REI Co-op Kingdom 8 Tent

REI Co-op Kingdom 8 Tent

REI is one of the top manufacturers of tent models on the market. And this is one of the best 8-person models that they have.

It is a 3-season tent that is excellent for warmer weather camping. It has two vertical walls and a rectangular floor plan that helps to maximize the living space. You can easily convert it into two rooms with the use of a center divider.

It has 2 large doors that have four zipper sliders, which makes it easy to get in and out of the tent. One of the doors has access to a vestibule, which helps to keep your entryway dry.

The vestibule can even be turned into an awning if desired and you have the right accessories to do so. It has a cut-in floor that is seam-sealed for water protection, but it does not include a footprint.


  • Weight: 25 pounds
  • Dimensions: 150 x 100 x 75 inches
  • Season: 3 season
  • Best Use: Camping
  • Design Type: Freestanding
  • Sleeping Capacity: +8 people

If you desire to use a footprint, you need to purchase it separately and make sure that it is compatible with this model, because footprints that were designed before 2018 are not compatible with this tent.

Finally, this tent uses bugproof mesh paneling to help with ventilation and the view from inside of the living area.


  • Has 2 doors and 1 vestibule
  • Designed to be easy to setup
  • Comes with a seam-sealed waterproof polyester rainfly
  • Has vertical walls for maximized living space
  • Uses bugproof mesh paneling


  • Doesn’t come with footprint
  • Minor issues with tent stake quality

Insights and Takeaways on 8-Person Tents

Purchasing an 8-person tent is a huge decision, and I know how important it is that it be functional. Out of the above tent reviews, the Eureka Copper Canyon LX 8-Person Tent has the most opportunities to meet most needs.

It has enough space for eight grown people to sleep comfortably. It is a 3-season tent, which means it has plenty of ventilation options for warm-weather camping.

However, it also has a decent rainfly that will protect you and your campers from harsh rain conditions that you might encounter on longer camping trips.

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