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The 5 Best Lighted Tents for Camping in 2023

Lighted tents for camping are great for making your life easier. It is hard to imagine life without the modern conveniences that we take for granted. But suppose you ever find yourself in a situation where electricity and other light sources are not available. In that case, it can make things very difficult.

This is why many people choose to purchase best lighted tents when they go camping – this way; they will never have to worry about whether or not there will be enough light in their tent at night.

In this article, we’re going to review the following lighted tents:

What is a Lighted Tent for Camping?

A lighted tent for camping is a tent that has been created to protect from the sun and rain and provide safety at night. It usually contains lighting inside it, which can illuminate the space within the tent or outside of it.

Lighted tents are generally manufactured with LED lights because of their durability, efficiency, and low energy consumption.

Lighting intents can provide needed visibility during nighttime when there are no other lights available, such as streetlights or moonlight. This especially helps with tasks like cooking, reading books before bedtime, etc.

Additionally, if you need to get up during the night, having some form of illumination will make it easier for you not to trip over things on your way back into your sleeping area.

Lighting in tents also provides additional comfort to see your immediate surroundings and not bump into things while moving around within the tent.

Why You Might Want a Lighted Tent for Camping

It’s crucial to find a balance between luxury and functionality when it comes to camping. A lighted tent for camping is the perfect way to achieve this equilibrium.

The company equipped lighted tents with LED lights that can you turn on or off as needed. It allows you to enjoy the stars without sacrificing your ability to see inside your tent at night. You can also use these lights in emergencies if there’s a storm and you need help finding something like your flashlight or first aid kit!

A lighted tent is also great because it discourages bugs from entering the tent’s interior, where they could bother you while you sleep. To top it all off, some models even come with outlets so that you can charge devices such as phones and tablets while you sleep.

Why Choose Lighted Tents Over the Regular Ones?

Campers prefer lighted tents for bunking because of their convenience. You can enjoy the view without having to turn on your headlamp every time you need to see something.

The views through the windows of these tents are beautiful and allow you to be present without having to search for your pockets for batteries.

Lighted tents make it easy to relax in the evening with friends or enjoy a romantic night with your significant other without feeling like you have to call it an early night due to poor visibility. Whether this is your first time out camping or you’re a seasoned pro, these tents will help make camping more manageable, more enjoyable, and most importantly, safer!

What to Look for When Buying Lighted Tents for Camping

Lighted tents for camping are a great benefit to any camper or outdoor enthusiast. They make it possible to enjoy camping without worrying about the dangers of darkness near you. The best option is to get a tent package that includes a battery-powered light inside and a solar panel that can charge them during the day. What else should you look at when buying a tent?

The Capacity of the Tent

Make sure your tent can handle the number of people who will be using it at a time. This is to make sure you don’t break any quality standards while staying in it! It’s common for family tents to accommodate 6-8 people, while solo tents can hold 2-4.

Check for Durability

You’ll want your tent to last through many camping trips, so buy one with suitable materials and construction. Look for top-notch stitching, zippers, seams, and poles made of solid material like aluminum or carbon fiber.

Also, pay attention to the warranty on the product just in case something does go wrong. If you’re buying online, try reading reviews by other customers about how durable the product is.

How Easy is the Tent Setup?

It can take some practice to put a tent up, so buy one that you know you will be able to set up on your own without trouble.

Tents range from 2-minute setups (pop-up tents) to 15 minutes (2 person tents), depending on the type of setup and model it is. Some come with pre-attached cords or ropes, while others require you to use your own cord/rope system for setting it up.

Size of the Tent

Make sure that the tent you choose is large enough, so everyone has room to sleep and walk around in. If you’re buying a family-sized one, make sure it rests at least four people. Also, check for size specifications such as length x width x height.

Easy Storage

You’ll want tents to be easy to store when not in use, so look for ones that fold up into small carrying cases or bags for easy transportation and storage. Many also come with convenient built-in storage straps or hooks to hang them from a tree or prop them up against a vehicle. At the same time, they dry out after being wet from the rain.

Mind Your Pocket

As with most things, you get what you pay for! In this case, you’ll want a tent that’s made with quality materials and is long-lasting so it can withstand many camping trips.

Look for a good warranty and customer service if anything happens to go wrong during your use. Also, consider where you will be going camping. Because some places have strict weight limits on tents, which means you might need a lightweight option instead of a super heavy-duty one.

Tent Material

Ensure that the company made the fabric from strong material like ripstop nylon, handling wear and tear for many years. It’s also essential to ensure that your tent has good ventilation. It is because you don’t want stuffy air when you’re trying to sleep or a musty, mildew smell when it rains. Look for vents in the top and bottom of the tent, as well as mesh windows in case you need more airflow.

Tent Height

Make sure that your tent is tall enough if you’re going to be sleeping in it on the ground.

Temperature Ranges

Make sure you buy a tent that has temperature ranges for all seasons so it can keep out frigid winter winds and summer heat. Many tents have different coverings, so they work well in different seasons.


If you know where you’ll be camping, ensure that your tent is waterproof against rain/moisture, so no water seeps through onto your bedding! Most tents have a “waterproof” coating on them. Still, if they come with an additional moisture barrier to cover it, you’ll want to make sure that it is factory sealed under each seam.

Floor Material

You should have a strong floor made from either nylon taffeta or polyester oxford fabric, which will last longer than other fabrics such as cotton or mesh. Something waterproof is best because your tent will stay dry when it rains, and there won’t be any pooling of water in the bottom of it (which could eventually cause leaks).

UV Protection

Look for a tent that has some UV protection. Intense sunlight is very damaging to fabric, causing it to break down and wear out faster over time. Choose a tent that has been treated with a special coating to protect it from the sun’s harmful rays.

What About Tent Poles?

When shopping for a camping tent, make sure the poles are lightweight yet strong aluminum or fiberglass, which won’t rust or splinter as they age.

Aluminum ones will be easiest to carry around and set up, but fiberglass will be more durable in high winds. If you’re going somewhere with intense weather conditions, consider getting an 8-pole design instead of 4 which provides extra support for windy conditions.

Be Conscious of Comfort

When you’re camping, comfort is essential! Make sure that the tent has enough headroom so that you can feel comfy inside of it. You’ll also want a few pockets inside to store your cell phone/keys/books before you go to sleep and some loops on the roof for hanging things like lanterns or extra lights.


It’s always fun when a tent comes with extra accessories such as storage bags or repair kits. Those are great bonuses that will make your experience much more enjoyable!

Some tents even come with air mattresses, and sleeping bags included. Still, those types of extras shouldn’t make a significant difference in your decision.

Weight of the Tent

When it’s time to go camping, you want to take as many things with you as possible, but that also means carrying all that weight on your back!

Ensure that the tent is light enough for you to carry from point A to point B without straining yourself too much. This becomes more important when shopping for 4-season and winter tents because they need to be extra durable and heavy-duty.

Ventilation is Vital

When it comes to sleeping in tents, air ventilation is always important because you don’t want stuffy air or condensation forming on the walls of your tent.


If you know that you’ll be camping in a location where it might rain, snow or hail during the night, make sure that your tent has been factory sealed and is waterproof from top to bottom! Some tents will come with an additional moisture barrier to place on top of them for added protection.

Go for Quality Zippers

Your tent zippers shouldn’t snag easily. Otherwise, they won’t work as they are supposed to when you need them most. It would help if you chose a high-quality zipper with nylon coil construction.

It is because those tend to last longer than other cheaper zippers, which rust over time. It’s also nice if the tent has double zippers, so they run across both sides of the opening. Some tents will have one zipper going up either side, allowing you plenty of ventilation options.

Length of Your Trip

If you’re only going camping once or twice a year, then you might not want to invest all that much money into the most enormous, most expensive tent out there.

Instead, choose one which meets your needs for your trip and won’t cost an arm and a leg! If you know that you’ll be taking similar journeys in the future, think about investing in something more heavy-duty because quality tents will pay off dividends over time.

Benefits of Using Lighted Tents for Camping

  • Lighted tents for camping will keep you safe from wild animals, as they’ll scare them away with their bright lights.
  • Some lighted tents for camping also come with built-in fans and AC units, so it’s perfect for those hot summer nights.
  • They’re a great way to keep mosquitoes and bugs out, as they can’t get through the mesh.
  • Lighted tents for camping allow you to set up your tent even in complete darkness, which is super helpful.
  • Some lighted tents for camping also have built-in cup holders and tables, so you’ll never need to worry about carrying around separate items.
  • Some Lighted tents are perfect because they provide light without needing to replace expensive bulbs or batteries. They come with solar panels built into them that will recharge throughout the day.
  • There’s no wiring needed, making it easy for anyone to assemble.
  • Many of these lights are water-resistant.
  • The brightness levels are adjustable by most brands.
  • Lighted tents for camping are great for people with vision disabilities who need extra light at night, especially those using wheelchairs.
  • Some models come with built-in outlets, so you can still charge items during the day without needing an extension cord.

What’s the Best Way to Use Lighted Tents for Camping?

The only preferred way to use lighted tents for camping is by using the correct type of tent. There are many different types of tents that you can use.

But if you are looking for a tent that will work well at night, there are only a few choices. Three examples include LED Tent Lights, Solar Lighted Tents, and Camping Lanterns with built-in lights. These kinds of tents will allow you to see where you’re going in your tent or campsite without having to carry around an extra lantern or flashlight.

The Controversy Around Lighted Tents for Camping

For some people, it’s a necessity; for others, it’s an unnecessary luxury. Whether or not to invest in lighted tents is often asked and answered by the type of camping you plan on doing.

For those who camp primarily in car-accessible areas such as campgrounds and RV parks, a tent with interior lighting may be superfluous because there are lights inside the vehicle that illuminate the interior space during nighttime hours.

On the other hand, if your campsites are remote and without outside electricity sources – like backcountry campsites – then these types of tents offer convenience since they allow you to pack only one power cord instead of two: one for the tent and one for the vehicle.

Precautions for using lighted tents for camping

If the power goes out, it’s a good idea to have a backup plan in place if you need to leave the tent in a hurry.

If you’re sleeping in the tent, ensure sufficient ventilation with an open window or door about one foot off the ground. Lastly, clear any obstacles away from all sides of the tent, including any points where people could walk under it – this will help keep it securely anchored.

Types of Lighted Tents for Camping

Lighted Dome Tents for Camping

The first thing you will notice about these types of tents is the lights on the outside. They can also have side windows on all four sides. You will also see that they are kind of dome-shaped, which means that if it rains, you won’t have to worry about water pooling at the top of your tent.

These types of tents are great for camping because they are easy to use and put up. Of course, some people also use them as backup shelters during emergencies because they protect the elements.

Lighted Cabin Tents

The cabin tent is large enough that you never feel cramped, and there is plenty of space to set up your bed and hang your pack on a hook. The roof also vents well, which means we do not have any trouble with condensation on our sleeping bags.

We can also close off both entrances to feel utterly safe since one entry comes from the back of the tent, and the other is on top of the door by our heads as we sleep. It also means that there are no worries about water seeping through the cracks even when raining.

The sturdy frame of the cabin tent makes it possible to set up just about anywhere. There’s nothing worse than trying to sleep in a tent that falls or collapses with you inside. You can use either poles or stakes to keep the frame in place, and the stakes that come with this tent are sturdy.

Lighted Backpacking Tents

If you are an avid camper or backpacker, you know the hassle of getting up in the dark to find your things. When you have a lighted tent, this becomes much easier. Other than seeing at night, t backpack tents are also suitable for camping during the day. And they’re great for solo campers who may want to avoid contact with wildlife.

Lighted backpacking tents usually have a battery pack and toggle switch somewhere on the outside of the tent. You can hang them off trees or strung them up to create a canopy inside the tent as well. Some of these lights are pretty bright, but some also come with different light settings that allow you to choose from low light to high beam. These will make your campsite look like a runway.


What is a Lighted Tent for Camping?

A lighted tent is a tent that has illumination on the inside of the tent. Some people use these tents for camping because they can see what they are doing without worrying about turning on a flashlight.

The lighted tents provide an easier way to find your belongings if you have put them inside your tent or keep your phone charged so you can use it as a flashlight.

How Long Does a Lighted Tent Last on a Full Charge?

The lifespan of a lighted tent can vary based on the brands and the type of material that they made it from. It also depends on whether or not you use it for other purposes apart from camping.

On average, these tents can last anywhere from six to sixteen hours as long as you are using quality batteries. The life span will be much shorter if you do not use the appropriate batteries.

What are the Benefits of a Lighted Tent?

Several benefits come from using a lighted tent. The most obvious benefit is being able to see everything that you have inside your tent at night.

This can help keep you organized. It also provides a safer camping experience because you never have to worry about tripping over something or running into something in your surroundings.

Another significant benefit comes from charging your phone. At the same time, you sleep, so if you need to contact somebody during the night, you can do so without getting out of bed and turning on an external light source.

What Type of Batteries Should You Use to Power a Lighted Tent?

You must use high-quality rechargeable batteries or the best batteries that your money can buy. If you do not, then the life span of your tent will be concise, and it will also damage the quality of your tent because it draws too much current from them.

You should also make sure that the batteries are fully charged before you leave for your camping trip and, if possible, bring an extra set with you along with a solar-powered charger for safety.

What is the Average Square Footage of a Lighted Tent?

The square footage for this type of tent will vary on their purpose and which brand they are coming from. On average, these types of tents range anywhere from ten square feet to twenty square feet, depending on their overall size. They also contain mesh windows that can help keep bugs outside while sleeping inside your tent.

What Brands Make the Best Lighted Tents for Camping?

Several brands produce quality lighted tents for camping, including Ozark Trail, Coleman, Wenzel, Black Diamond, and more. These brands typically have a wide range of products that offer different features to meet your camping needs.

Top 5 Best Lighted Tents for Camping Review

1. Coleman Elite WeatherMaster 6 Screened Tent

Coleman OneSource Rechargeable System Tent

Set up your Coleman Elite WeatherMaster 6 Screened Tent for less than 10 minutes, and you’ll have room to sleep two queen airbeds-perfect for couples camping together.

The built-in LED system offers three different brightness settings, so there is no need to lug around heavy camp lanterns that rustle in the wind anyway. Just stay comfortable with more than enough space inside of this spacious tent.

It’s made by American hands, so you know it will last through any tricky weather situations, including heavy rain or thunderstorms. You’ll appreciate its 9 x 6 ft screen room, perfect for sitting back on a fantastic evening while still enjoying some bug-free outdoors before bedtime.

The WeatherMaster 6 comes with an easy-to-use rain fly that keeps more than 70% of the rain off of the tent while still allowing airflow on those warm summer days.

With its powerful LED lights on demand, this Coleman unit provides over 30 sq ft of light inside the tent! I can’t emphasize enough how helpful it was for us last year when our group camped at a more secluded area in the woods where we didn’t have access to public utilities.

It provided some form of ease, knowing we could easily see around us if something came wandering toward our campsite while we were sleeping.


  • The Coleman Lighted Elite WeatherMaster 6 Screened Tent is perfect for camping enthusiasts since it’s roomy enough to fit six people comfortably.
  • It has a built-in LED light that provides plenty of light even on the darkest nights.
  • There are screens on all sides of this tent, so you don’t have to worry about insects or bugs getting inside.
  • This tent also comes with two power outlets and an electrical access port so you can charge your devices while you’re camping.
  • The included rainfly protects against rainfall and keeps the interior dry in wet weather.
  • You can set up this tent in just ten minutes by yourself!


  • The only downside to this tent is that it’s a bit heavy, weighing in at around 48 pounds.
  • It’s also slightly more expensive than other tents on our list. However, given all its features and high-quality materials, it still provides excellent value for the money spent.

2. Core 6 Person / 9 Person / 10 Person / 12 Person Lighted Instant Cabin Tents

Core 10 Person lighted Instant Cabin Tents

We know that summer is coming, and you want to make sure your family has the most fun it can have! That’s why Instant Cabin tents are spacious – 14 ft x 10 ft floors with 84″ ceilings for enough room to stand up.

Also, with built-in LED lighting on high, low, or night light settings, you can choose any model you like. The company also included a rainfly if you’re worried about any unexpected showers this summer!

Setup is super easy, too – attach the poles to the tent after unpacking, unfold it into place, then choose whether or not you want to expose the mesh ceiling for panoramic views of the stars at night.

No matter which size package you try out this year, they’ll all give you more than enough room for six people and come with a carry bag to transport and protect your tent.

With high-quality materials that are water repellent, fire retardant, and UV protection, you’re guaranteed clean air inside no matter how many friends will join you under this reliable shelter from sun rays!

The company included a few bonuses. They include:

  • One-stop height-adjustable center poles for easy elevation.
  • A mesh interior storage pocket provides a great place to store your things.
  • A particularly tough polyethylene floor with two doors that zip down.

The Core 6 Person / 9 Person / 10 Person / 12 Person Lighted Instant Cabin Tents are perfect for family camping trips or hosting friends for a fun night under the stars!


  • These tents offer high ceilings, making them ideal for taller people or those who like to stand up and move around while they sleep.
  • There’s no need to worry about having enough space – these tents come in various sizes, including 5-person, 9-person, ten-person, and 12 person options.
  • The material used is water-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about getting wet if it rains or snows outside.
  • The company made the poles of this tent from durable aluminum, which is rust-resistant.
  • Many users have commented that the electric power has been beneficial as they can see inside at night.
  • These tents are also lightweight, so you won’t have to worry about being too burdened when going on a camping trip.
  • While they aren’t designed for cold weather conditions, many people have found that the material provides a decent amount of warmth and comfort if it gets chilly outside.
  • They come with a portable carrying bag with handles.


  • The electric cord that powers the light is short, which can limit where you place it inside your tent.
  • Some customers have reported that some poles will not fit into corresponding holes.

3. Coleman Elite Sundome 6-Person Tent

Coleman Elite Sundome 6-Person Tent

Few tents offer the quality and heavy-duty engineering you’ll find in this six-person dome tent. Built with superior Coleman materials like polyester taffeta 75D flysheet to resist tears from bugs or pinching from rocks, they built this durable tent to weather anything from a leaky basement to a midwestern prairie.

With an easy setup in just 10 minutes without the need for extra hands, you’ll have plenty of time to head out for the night with your besties. But most importantly? You can sleep easily without any annoyingly loud noises disrupting your slumber, thanks to the quiet Coleman sound-taped system.


  • This is an excellent tent for large groups. It sleeps, sixteen people!
  • There are two rooms with a divider, so setting up separate areas for sleeping and lounging is easy.
  • The company made the floor from a sturdy tarpaulin material that keeps you off the cold, wet ground and away from dirt and mosquitoes.
  • You can stand up inside this cabin tent (up to 6 feet tall), making changing clothes or getting dressed much more accessible than in most other tents.
  • Plus, there’s an electrical access port on the outside of this tent, as well as screened windows and ventilation flaps to make it comfortable and healthy to stay inside.


  • It can be unruly to set up if it’s windy or raining.
  • Door zippers can jam easily; some users report that they’re difficult to open and close.

4. Outdoor Products 8 Person Instant Hexagon Tent with Built-in Lights

Outdoor Products 8 Person Instant Hexagon Tent with Built-in Lights

This tent will sleep up to 8 campers, giving everyone their own space. It’s also big enough for four air mattresses (two on each side) if you want more floor room. This upgrade has -honeycomb mesh ceilings and windows, which you can zip up for bright light or zip down to let the evening stars shine in.

Dual ground vents make heat rise up and out of the tent-like magic! The pre-attached poles are easy to assemble with built-in LED lights that’ll lead the way into your comfy home away from home at night. This instant hexagonal design guarantees a quick and easy setup.

The Instant Hexagon series is perfect for family and festival camping when you need to get your tent up quickly or want a simple no-fuss shelter!


  • It has an easy setup, which makes it perfect for camping in the wilderness.
  • This tent also includes lights on the inside of the tent, so you can easily see what you’re doing at night.
  • There are windows on either side that provide ventilation and allow light to come in during the day.
  • You’ll be able to keep your things secure thanks to this tent’s zippered door and internal pocket storage space.
  • It comes with everything needed for set up, including poles, pegs, guy ropes, carry bag, and instructions.
  • It’s got a waterproof rating of 5000mm, which means it can handle rainstorms, snowfall, and more.
  • This Instant Hexagon tent also has sizeable zippered mesh panels for maximum ventilation.


  • This tent does not come with an air mattress or sleeping bag.
  • You’ll need to purchase stakes separately.

5. Coleman OneSource Rechargeable System Tent

Coleman OneSource Rechargeable System Tent

When planning time, know that Coleman OneSource has something for all of your adventures in store. The 100% weather-proof Rechargeable Tent with Airflow & LED Lighting Systems will have you hugging the ground in no time when the wind starts howling.

The built-in LED lighting system is perfect for those night maneuvers, and the front porch provides an extra outdoor living area for you to escape.

As far as durability goes, they designed this tent to last with materials tested by the best – Coleman themselves! It wouldn’t be a new addition to the family if it didn’t have Coleman’s signature tunnel design that would stand firm in any storm.

You’ll also appreciate being able to recharge your devices quickly with integrated USB ports at convenient locations throughout the tent. Whether you’re just heading out for some fishing or are settling down for an extended camping trip, know that the OneSource Rechargeable Tent has got everything you need right inside of one package!


  • A tent is an excellent option for those who want to have the convenience of recharge their tent.
  • You can recharge the lighted tent via USB, so you don’t need an outlet nearby.
  • It has a weather-resistant design and includes a battery level indicator.
  • This tent also features four ground stakes that are easy to push into the ground and guy lines that adjust from inside the tent or from outside the door.
  • There’s plenty of room inside this lighted tent, perfect for two people.


  • The one downside is that it’s pretty expensive – so this lighted tent isn’t for everyone.
  • You also need to charge this lighted tent before taking it outside, and the battery only lasts 8 hours on a full charge.

The Verdict

The winner of this contest is the Coleman Elite WeatherMaster 6 Screened tent. The main reason for its victory is because it comes with powerful built-in LED lights. There’s plenty of room inside this lighted tent. And it also has a USB port, which means you don’t need an outlet nearby to plug in your devices when you go camping.

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